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We are a UK-based manufacturer of Gym Pit Foam.
If you need cubes or logs, you are at the right place! You can fill out our Foam Pit Calculator online and we’ll handle the rest for you.

Gym Pit Foam Calculator

Here at Gymnastics Direct, we pride ourselves on being one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of gym pit foam in the country. Since becoming established many years ago we have been involved in numerous projects throughout the UK to supply our products to gymnastics centres, extreme sports venues and trampoline parks. Our extensive range of gym pit foam products includes gymnastic foam blocks, gym pit foam cubes, gym pit foam logs and gym pit foam socks.

We are also able to deliver a complete installation service for all your gym pit edging irrespective of whether you are a Skate Park, Trampoline Park or a small local gymnastics club.

Every one of our products is manufactured locally at our factory in Greater Manchester by our expert staff. We use the best materials available, and our attention to detail and quality workmanship ensures that our customers receive a product that is second to none.

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Our gym pit foam is available in a range of colours and densities which are listed below: 

  • Sky Blue Olympic 33 kg/m3 density – Highest density foam logs/cubes for extra life expectancy. Ideal for BMX and gymnastic pits with heavy use.
  • White Superior 30 kg/m3 Density – Superior foam grade with excellent physical properties. High-Density foam with good physical properties for high life expectancy. Ideal for BMX and gymnastic pits.
  • Grey Superior 28 kg/m3 Density – Most suitable for Gymnastic Pits. Higher density than the grey standard which gives it better physical properties.
  • Grey Budget 25 kg/m3 Density –Standard grade foam is best used in conjunction with socks to ensure the longevity of the foam cubes/logs.
  • Coloured Foam 24 kg/m3 Density – We now also supply coloured gym pit cubes or logs in Deep Blue, Red, Yellow or Green! High Tensile, ideal for trampoline parks.

Gym Pit Foam Price Table

Foam Type

Sky Blue Olympic 33kg/m3 Density

White Superior 30kg/m3 Density

Grey Standard 25kg/m3 Density

Coloured 24kg/m3 Density

Grey Superior 28kg/m3 Density

Cube (20x20x20cm) Price






Cube (15x15x15cm) Price






Log (50x10x10cm) Price






Log (60x12x10cm) Price






Nominal Density (kg/m3)











135 – 165














BS 5852: Part 2: 1982, Ignition source 5 (Crib5)

BS 5852: Part 2: 1982, Ignition source 5 (Crib5)

BS 5852: Part 2: 1982, Ignition source 5 (Crib5)

Meets FMVSS302 Burn Performance Rate

BS 3379: 2005

Do you need to fill up your foam pit but are unsure of the exact amount of gym pit logs, gym foam blocks or gym pit cubes you will need? If so, we can help. All you need to do is take a look at the info above which has information on specifications and the best use for each product. Then just put the dimensions of your foam pit into our gym pit foam calculator, and it will calculate the exact amount of cubes or logs needed to fill the pit as well as the total cost. 

To get delivery costs just fill out the online contact form located underneath the calculator or email us with your particular requirements.

Gym Pit Foam Cubes

One of our most popular products, gym pit foam cubes is the preferred choice for all manner of exercise areas from gym owners to children’s play centres. This is because our gym pit foam cubes are the perfect choice when you are looking to create a soft spongy landing. The main areas of use for our gym pit foam cubes are trampoline parks, gymnastic foam pits, motorcycle foam pits, BMX foam pits and Skateboard foam pits.

Gym Pit Foam Logs

Available in many different sizes and colours our gym pit foam logs are now one of our best selling products. This is due to the quality of the materials used and the flexibility of the product. If you are looking for durable high-quality gym pit foam logs for your Trampoline Park, gymnastics foam pit, motorcycle foam pit BMX foam pit or Skateboard pit contact our team today for all the details.

Gym Pit Edge

Health and safety legislation states that there should be no hard edges left uncovered in gym pits. This is why gym pit edging is an essential piece of equipment that helps ensure activities can be carried out in complete safety. Gym pit edging will help guard against injuries from miscued jumps and accidental slips and falls. Our Gym Pit Edging is available in a range of colours that can be matched to the branding of your business or club and comes in up to 50mm thick foam.

Gym Pit Base Foam

When you add Gym Pit Base Foam to your foam pit it will help improve the lifespan of the logs, cubes and gymnastic foam blocks in it. The 300mm foam provides your logs, cubes and gymnastic foam blocks with an increased level of protection which means they will last longer and do not have to be replaced as often which is a definite cost-saving.

Gym Pit Wall Pads

Our Promat Wall Padding is made from closed-cell cross-linked polyethylene foam that’s lightweight yet shock-absorbing to form the ideal protective layer around walls to avoid injuries. The wall pads come in a wide range of colours as well as meeting strict quality guidelines and manufacturing tolerances.

Gym Pit Socks

If you are looking for something to store or transport your foam cubes and logs in then our high-quality gym pits socks are ideal. Our gym pit socks have 100% recyclable flame resistant covers and come in a range of colours. They also have high strength polyester strings that provide our gym pit socks with a secure closing mechanism.