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About Our Pommel Horses

Pommel Horses have been traditionally used by male gymnasts and are an essential piece of apparatus in artistic gymnastics. Routines on a pommel horse require an athlete to show not only strength and flexibility but also artistic interpretation.

Here at Gymnastics Direct, we stock an extensive range of FIG approved and training specific Pommel Horses. Our pommel horses are made from high-quality materials, including high-density foam, high-pressure wood, and genuine leather, and come with a steel base for improved stability and height adjustment.

Along with our competition standard Pommel Horses, we also have training specific apparatus that includes mushroom trainers, landing mats and a range of associated components. We also have a range of small pommel horses that are ideal for use by young athletes learning to become proficient on the equipment.
We are proud to be the sole supplier of Taishan gymnastics apparatus and equipment in the UK. As an internationally renowned manufacturer of gymnastic equipment, Taishan pommel horses offer customers excellent quality at a cost-effective price.

Who Do We Supply Pommel Horses to?

Whether you’re an individual gymnast, a gymnastic club, a school, or a leisure centre, Gymnastics Direct offers a complete range of products to meet your needs. In addition to pommel horses, we can supply other equipment for the practice of routines, competitions or for improving techniques.

Are Our Pommel Horses Suitable for use in Competitions?

Our top-quality gymnastic apparatus, which is fully FIG accredited for competitions, offers you the perfect opportunity to have the best apparatus in your gymnasium. We can supply a comprehensive array of equipment for use by both male and female athletes in organised competitions.

Are our Pommel Horses Available Online?

At Gymnastics Direct are we aim to provide you with easy access to an extensive range of quality gymnastic equipment. All you need to do is visit our website to check out the pommel horses available to you. Once you’ve selected the pommel horse that is best suited to your needs, just add it to your cart and select your delivery option. Buying gymnastic apparatus is a quick and straightforward process when you use our online facility.

Can You Deliver Pommel Horses?

If you have ordered your product online, it will be quickly dispatched to the address specified. However, if you require any special delivery requirements, our friendly team will be glad to assist you.

Do You Sell Other Gymnastic Equipment?

Yes, we are the exclusive UK distributors for Taishan Sports, who are the leading manufacturers in the industry. Along with our pommel horse, we sell a full range of apparatus that is suitable for both strength and artistic events. No matter if you need a specific piece of apparatus such as a vault or springboard or any other associated accessory, we can certainly help.