Gymnastics Bars

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Here at Gymnastics Direct, we carry an extensive selection of gymnastic bars that are ideal for both adult and junior gymnasts. We carry gymnastics bars of all types including high bars, parallel bars, and uneven bars. We carry items that can be used both in training and in competition. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team, who will be happy to advise on the best apparatus for your needs. Our gymnastic bars are ideal for use as a training aid, in a competitive environment, or even just for use at home. We have a wide range of quality products available to you. Our products are manufactured using only the best materials available. Many of our products come in the form of height adjustable bars. We offer a variety of carbon steel bases that are known for their stability and a variety of fibreglass bars wrapped in maple wood for added elasticity.

Gymnastic Bars For Clubs & Competition

With our wide selection of gymnastic bars, we cater to a broad group of customers. Whether you run a gymnastics club, are an individual athlete looking for training bars for home use or a school or college looking for quality gymnastic apparatus for your gymnasium, we can help.

We can also advise on the best equipment to use during accredited competitions. Adults and children alike can use our comprehensive range of equipment in organised competitions.

Do You Sell Other Equipment Besides Gymnastics Bars?

We are the sole UK distributor for Taishan Sports, a industry-leading manufacturer of FIG approved gymnastics equipment. Along with our gymnastic bars, we have a comprehensive range of apparatus that covers both artistic and strength-based events. So if you are looking for a specific piece of apparatus, such as a balance beam or pommel horse, we’ve got you covered.